YSI Soft Shelled Case for Pro Series Meters with Cable up to 10m

  • $179.00

Product Code #603162

A compact, convenient, soft-sided carrying case ideal for all Pro Series products with cables up to 10-m (4-m for the Quatro cable).

Case dimensions measure 12x12x3 (inches). The case includes a hand strap and an over-the-shoulder carrying strap. Internal pockets include one for the Pro Series instrument and four separate zippered, mesh pockets. There are also three attached elastic straps that will easily hold 100 mL sample/calibration/buffer bottles or Confidence Solution. Includes 3 each 100 mL buffer bottles. Will accommodate up to 10-meter DO/temp (Pro20, Pro Plus with DO, or ProODO, PROSolo cables) or up to 4-meters for multiparameter (Quatro) probes/cables.

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