Zeolite, 10 lb Pail

Zeolite, 10 lb Pail

  • $39.25

Product Code #ZAR10

For use in fresh water only. 
Clinoptilolite filter media, otherwise known as zeolite, is an effective means of removing ammonia. It also provides a large surface area for nitrifying bacteria in recirculating systems. ProLine high-performance zeolite may be regenerated several times by overnight immersion in a salt solution and/or oven drying (not effective in salt water). 

Easy to Use: Use 1 gram zeolite for every 1.5 mg of ammonia to be removed. For example, to remove 1 ppm (1 mg/L) ammonia from 10 gallons (38 liters) of water, use a minimum of 25 grams (.13 lbs) zeolite (38 mg 1.5 = 25). Made in USA.

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