Bright Dyes Industrial Red Fluorescent Dye Tablets, 200 Tablet Bottle

Bright Dyes Industrial Red Fluorescent Dye Tablets, 200 Tablet Bottle

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Product Code #92992

Bright Dyes Industrial Red products are specially formulated versions of Rhodamine B – a traditional tracing and leak detection material. It can be detected visually, by ultraviolet light and by appropriate fluorometric equipment. Visual appearance is bright dark red to magenta (depending on concentration) and bright orange under ultraviolet light. Compared to Bright Dyes FLT Yellow/Green or FWT Red Dye products, Industrial Red is significantly less resistant to absorption of inorganic or organic suspended matter which may limit suitability in certain applications, particularly where fluorometric detection is used, and is significantly more resistant to degradation by sunlight when compared to Bright Dyes FLT Yellow/Green. Industrial Red Dye products should not be used in drinking water systems, near drinking water intakes or where downstream impingement on a drinking water system might occur, and where any aquatic ecosystem might be chronically exposed to detectable amounts of the dye.

General Properties Tablets Liquids Powders
Visual Detectability <100 ppb <100 ppb <100 ppb
Dissolution Time 50% < 3 minutes/95% < 6 minutes Immediate 50% < 3 minutes/95% < 6 minutes
Coverage 1 Tablet 1 Pint Liquid 1 Pound Powder
Light Visual 604 gallons 125,000 gallons 600,000 gallons
Strong Visual 60 gallons 12,500 gallons 60,000 gallons


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