Wildco Bottom Aquatic Kick Net

Wildco Bottom Aquatic Kick Net with 2 Piece Handle, 500 um Mesh

  • $310.00

Product Code #425-K53

Use kick nets in stream beds. While one person holds the net, a helper upstream kicks the streambed with their foot and runs their fingers through the substrate to drive invertebrates into the net. Muslin shroud on the bottom allows viewing from above, with a polyester edge for extra wear.


  • Mouth: 457 x 229 (18 x 9”)
  • Bag: 254 mm (10”) deep
  • Net: Nitex® or multifilament; shroud on bottom
  • Heavy-duty dacron edge & muslin collars
  • 500 um Nitex® nets
  • 2 Piece handle for easy transport

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